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Customer Experience and Patient Feedback

Customer Feedback Systems, such as ViewPoint™ now enable you to engage with your patients or customers in real-time through multiple modes. Working with CRT, you can gain customer insight quickly across your organisation through real-time analysis and reporting, tailored to your requirements. Unlike many other research technology providers, we provide full hands-on support from our customer feedback specialists, so we can get you up and running and be involved as much or as little as required.

Use iOS, Android or Windows tablets, kiosks, online surveys, smartphone surveys or telephone surveys to interact with your customers, patients, visitors or staff at their point-of-experience with your services.

And we really understand Customer Experience and Patient Experience. We will ensure that you complete the feedback loop - from identifying exactly what you need to achieve - to gaining great insights and being able to act on the feedback.

Our Award Winning customer feedback platform is a fully hosted and highly secure system, used by small companies and large public and private organisations including:


You can contact us today about your customer feedback requirements by calling 024 76 608 830 or Email us by clicking here