Who we are and what we do - Customer Feedback

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Firstly we're known as CRT which stands for Customer Research Technology Ltd.

Since 2001 we have been developing innovative and leading-edge customer feedback systems - and the heart of our success is ViewPoint™ - an award winning* customer feedback platform, now used by hundreds of organisations. In fact over 20 million responses are now processed every year through our survey system.

ViewPoint empowers our customers to capture customer feedback in multiple different ways, especially at the point-of-experience - the exact place where your customers interact with your organisation. Customer feedback at the point-of-experience is 40% more accurate than feedback gained just 24 hours later, according to Gartner Research. This makes it a very powerful and accurate type of feedback and that's also why we specialise in helping organisations gain insights in that moment.

We love what we do and really enjoy working with companies that 'want to know their customers better', so please get in touch here

*IBM Innovation Award