Multi-mode Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback Kiosks

Using touch screen customer feedback kiosks is a proven way to engage with your customers, patients, visitors and staff.


Tablet Surveys - iOS, Android and Windows

We provide Windows, iOS and Android customer feedback apps, with full support from our feedback experts. We will support all aspects of our customer feedback system's use and execution.

Mobile Smartphone & SMS Text

Text messaging and Smartphone-ready online surveys provide an instant and effective means of engagement. Our ViewPoint customer feedback system is fully integrated for multi-channels.

Online Surveys

Although traditional online surveys are not as effective as they used to be, a targeted online survey can still form part of an effective feedback system for your customers.

Telephone Surveys

Telephone surveys can be managed by our research experts so that your customers get the personal touch or we can manage automated telephone survey solutions, often known as IVR surveys - Instant Voice Recognition surveys or AVS - Automated Voice Surveys.

Traditional Paper Surveys

Where you require a paper or card response we still provide a fully managed service for traditional paper surveys. In high volumes we utilise scanning feedback technology.

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